POPAY’s art by K.Hermann 2016

Juan-Pablo de Ayguavives
(born 1971 in Barcelona, Spain, lives and works in Paris, France)

Interview, Paris Tonkar Magazine, 2012
Monographie, AGRADATION, Collection ORKADRE, Editions PIKTUR, 2012
Interview/portrait in ATTRAPE RÊVES, 2012
Article “PARIS, de la rue à la Galerie”, by Nicolas Chenus and Samantha Longhi, éditions PYRAMID, 2011
Interview by L’ATTRAPE RÊVE », 2011
Portrait in “Focus On” for “GRAFFIT”, 2008
Interview in “CLONE”, Espagne, 2008
“Language de rue 2″, édité par Graff It!
Publications in “Xplicit GRaffX”, 1990


Poster design for the Festival PLACE aux LIVRES, Gaillac, FR, 2012
Stickers for HEY Magazine, 2012
T-shirt design for MARGIELA, 2012
Illustration for CQFD, 2012
Visual for POSCA, 2010
Illustrations for “Bras cassés”, Fanzine Collectif conceived by Larosoire, 2010
Illustrations for the newspaper “CQFD”, 2010
llustrations for CQFD, 2009
Illustration for TUON, 2009
Illustration for the magazine “ANTIJOUR”, 2009
Concert poster FANTAZIO and LACAILLE, 2009
Coloration of the comic strip “LASCARS2”, Editions Casterman, 2008
Illustrations for the website NOS LIBERTÉES.org, 2008
Illustrations for WORLDSIGNS by Olivier Kosta Théfaine, 2008
Illustration for the magazine by Raoul Sinier, 2008
Illustration couverture of the magazine, SHS#19 by UNESCO 2008
Illustration for PEAU DE BANANE, 2007
Publishing of the magazine ZOB with Zonder. Nascyo, Erosie, Mr Kern and Sab, 2007
Poster for SABOTAGE, Elysée Montmartre, FR, 2005
Illustrations for Libération, Technicart, Lylo, Musicien Recording, Guitar Parts, Guitar,
Fluide Glacial « Language de Rue », 2000-2003
Record covers for : ARK, FANTAZIO, PUSHY!


“STARWAX”, film with Johnathan Pierredon, POSCA production, Paris, FR, 2014
Animation for the documentary “L’île aux Cannibales”, KILAOHM Productions, 2010
Story Board for the clip SUBLIM IN HALL, 2009

Set design for STEINITZ, 2008

Animated film sequence for the movie “Mr MORIMOTTO”, directed by Nicolas Sornaga, 2008
Création numérique d’un habillage documentary movie »JE TU ILS Discriminent » directed by Jérôme Fenez, 2008
Special effect assistant at DUBOI, 1994
Trainee at Studio MARISCAL, Barcelone, ES, 1991